Can you see the subtle difference between the photos below? 

These were taken earlier this week with my iPhone. The picture on the left is just a snapshot. You can see someone else riding in the background, her hands are in motion, and her foot is cropped.


So I did one simple thing to make it better.

I took the picture from a lower angle, and it completely changed the how the moment was captured. Now we are drawn into the expression on her face and the moodiness of the cloudy sky behind her, and the horse's body blocks out some of the distractions.

capture how it feels, not how it looks

The key difference here is how this moment is portrayed. The snapshot on the left is fine, anyone looking will see a cute little girl riding a horse.

But the photo on the right suggests so much more. Is she imagining herself riding through a storm to rescue a lost puppy? Think Spirit Riding Free. You can almost hear the music and feel the energy ;)

When she looks at this photo I hope she feels her love for horses. And I hope she senses strength and possibility... A little more than just riding a horse on a weeknight after school.

Pretty cool what changing your angle can do right?!

Give it a try this week and save this post for later, or send it to someone that loves taking pictures!