health coach branding photography

The vision for this project was to create photos that were bright, crisp, professional, and natural. From the beginning one of our goals was to walk away with a library of images that the client could use in specific places on their website, so we made sure to shoot with that in mind. We prioritized capturing candid imagery, headshots, flat lays, and a variety of individual and group shots to be used for marketing on social media, web pages, profile images, email, and more.

It was important that we showcased the vibe behind the business. This team helps other health coaches become health coaches online, so most of their time is spent in the digital workspace. To communicate this we included laptops and phones in many of the photos. But we also wanted to show that this type of work can be done from anywhere, like by a pool or while traveling, creating a little more fun and freedom.


Every business needs professional photos to legitimize their business and build trust with their clients. People love to see who they're working with. Branding photos are an investment that build and portray the overall image and feel of your business. Getting it right is important. Having a personalized and authentic library of photos to use for all of your marketing is an amazing thing to have! Update your images regularly and continue to invest in your business in the online space.

I loved shooting with these fantastic people, they were a pleasure to work and I can't wait to see the growth in their business.

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