Toddler walks through the grass during fall family photos in Logan, UT.

"sometimes i need only to stand wherever i am to be blessed"

Mary Oliver

"sometimes i need only to stand wherever i am to be blessed"

Mary Oliver

meet katie

your photographer for natural, joy filled family photos

I'm an easy going, fun loving, storytelling photographer. I love joyful and light filled images.

My photography style is fun, lively, and true to color. My sessions are full of snuggles, giggles, and family togetherness.

I've been photographing families in Utah and Arizona for about 8 years. My approach is to use technical skill and creativity to craft engaging and beautiful photos. I love using the environment and uncovering little details to help piece together a story.


I'm a family photographer for three reasons. I do it for myself, because I love it. I do it for my clients, to give them beautiful photos they will love forever. And I do it to provide extra opportunities for my family.

I have a stellar husband and 4 amazing kids. They've all been the lucky subjects of endless pictures. We are from Northern Utah, but currently calling Mesa, Arizona home.

A few things I love: curling up with a good book, hiking a new mountain trail, backyard swim parties, creating family photo books, an early morning run, and making soup on a rainy day.

Photography Katie Shirk poses in studio for headshot in Mesa, AZ.
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