a little about me

When I pick up my camera, I simply try to find an interesting way to tell a story. Whether I'm in my home, at a family session, or on location for a business shoot, my approach is to use technical skill and creativity to create interesting and beautiful photos.

I enjoy uncovering little details (think hands kneading dough, a glance after an inside joke, the lace of a little girl’s dress) to help piece together a story.

I have been a photographer for six years and recently finished a business class that has jumpstarted many areas of this little business of mine. I am constantly accessing resources to continue learning and growing in the technicalities of this field.

I have a stellar husband, three amazing kids, and eight chickens. They've all been the lucky subjects of endless pictures. We live in Mesa and travel to Northern Utah several times a year. A few things I love: curling up with a good book, hiking a new mountain trail, swim parties in the backyard, and making soup on a rainy day.

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