I love this time of year! Things feels new and fresh, bright and beautiful. It's times like these that I find myself reaching for my camera more. When I feel life a little more fully or time seems to pause as we experience holidays and life moments together, I want to remember it.

And I like to remember things as I felt them, not always as I saw them. So I do my best to take pictures that portray that.

The Easter egg hunts are always a hit for photos, but here are few other things you can consider taking pictures of to better capture your Easter weekend and how it FEELS. Think about your traditions and what you enjoy about them, then try to take a picture of it from that point of view.

I made a video a couple years ago, collaging various clips from Easter day. It included images of the trees and the sunshine, my girls painting birdhouses, their hair blowing in the wind as they ran through the yard blowing bubbles, some panning of a picture of Jesus Christ in our living room, and shots of our fancy Easter dinner. I don't have stills from that day to share in this post, but we can capture the same feeling with the pictures we take and how we take them.

Hopefully these thoughts and simple images and from years past will give you some inspiration, and get you excited for Easter this weekend!

THE food

Let's be honest.... Holidays are really about the food. That's what brings us together. My husband always says that it's not a party if there isn't food.

We usually do an Easter dinner with ham, potatoes, some vegetables and rolls. I always love a set dinner table with beautiful dishes, just waiting to be enjoyed, inviting people and conversation. So I take pictures of my dinner table a lot! Sometimes from bird's eye view, sometimes with everyone seated and smiling, and sometimes up close of the dishes so I can taste them again when I look back at the pictures!

And what would Easter be without candy and Eggs? Get some up close shots of your kids Easter baskets and the colorful eggs this season to add a pop of color to your camera roll or photo book.


Holidays are also centered around people, usually the ones we love the most. My kids look forward to our annual Easter egg hunt at the park more than any other part of Easter. We meet with others in our neighborhood and enjoy a hot breakfast and socializing, soaking up the sunshine and good vibes together. I have pictures year after year of my kids with their full baskets and their friends in the same spot, and it's fun to look back and see how they've grown and changed each time.

Enjoy your local community events and traditions, and don't be afraid to take some pictures. Capture your friends and family as well as the details and environment of the event if it inspires you.


In our home we celebrate Easter to remember Jesus Christ the Savior. With little kids we attend church, and then learn more about the resurrection of Christ at home through scripture reading, paper cutouts, little games, or coloring pages. Many families go to church on Easter Sunday, take an extra few minutes to find a spot with good lighting and grab a few photos of you, the mom, yes YOU, and your family in your Sunday best.

This year we will also be attending the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an outdoor show commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I've never been and I'm really looking forward to seeing it!

The photo above is not my own, click the image for more info about the pageant.


Easter is synonymous with springtime. Take pictures of all things springy and bright. Flowers, trees, wildlife, nature... or even snow if you're where many of my family and friends are in northern Utah right now! Whatever it is that surrounds you, capture it for what it is, how it makes you feel, and how it's a part of your weekend this year in 2023.

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