Family Photos at Red Mountain Park | Pitney Family

I always love when families choose to do their pictures at local parks. The drive is usually shorter, no one gets poked by a cactus, and the kids love running around and playing on the playground. I've done photos for the Pitney's for five years now, and every year we find a new place. This year they chose Red Mountain Park in east Mesa. There is a perfect little spot I like to use at the top of a hill with trees and water as the backdrop, creating a beautiful nature setting for family pictures.

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Another great perk about doing family pictures at local parks in Mesa is that they have greenery! Most places in the Sonoran dessert are pretty brown and dry, and while it has it's own beauty, I've found that families here love having greenery, trees, and nature in their pictures. Red Mountain Park is a great nature setting for family photos in Mesa.

Photographer in Mesa, Arizona

The night we did our photo session, the sun was hiding behind clouds, which turned out to be a good thing so we could use the opposite side of the park as the background, looking out over east Mesa and the mountains in the background. Without the harsh sunlight, we were able to place the Superstition Mountains in the backdrop of the pictures, and it turned out great!

My girls play with the Pitney girls all the time, so they thought it was pretty funny that I was their photographer. We captured some genuine smiles and just had a good time. Family photo sessions should not be stressful, they should be enjoyable, and I always try to make that happen at my shoots.