Mesa ARizona family photographer

I recently posted this header image on Instagram, and I wanted to include the caption here as well. This provides a small look into why I do photography, why I love it, and why it has so much meaning in my life.

"I have a photo with me and one of my baby girls from family photos a few years ago that has always been a favorite. We’re just laughing together and playing with her favorite doggie, but it’s so meaningful to me because it captures me as a mother so beautifully. 

I think one way photography is so powerful is that it can show us something we might have difficulty seeing otherwise. Like how amazing moms are, how much they adore their children, and how much their children adore them. 

I always try to capture that because I know it’s not every day that mom gets to see how beautiful she is like the rest of us do."

black & white set