Newborn Photography at Home

If you are pregnant and considering a newborn photoshoot at your house, or maybe you are a little hesitant or unsure of what to expect, this post is for you. Babies don't come around all that often in life, and they truly are one of the most special gifts.

Maybe you are on the fence about booking an in home newborn session, or you want to get an idea of what a newborn session at home may look like, if so read on! Hopefully this post can help put some of your worries or questions at ease so you can look forward to capturing this special time in your life and the life of your little one.


The best part about doing a photo session at your house is how relaxed and low key it is. I will be there for 1.5-2 hours, and structure the session flow based on how the baby is doing. If your baby is hungry or sleepy and needs a diaper change, we have the time and are in the perfect place to take care of those needs. If you want to grab a snack or need to use the restroom, go for it. If you want to turn up some music, go for it!

I will direct the session and make sure we get all the fantastic poses and interactions, but there is no pressure on anyone to perform. Especially your baby and any siblings. Let the littles be themselves. With some directing on my part they will be laughing and having fun, and that will show in the final images.

The only thing you have to do is snuggle and enjoy your newborn. Those natural and genuine interactions are what create the best images, and there's no better place to do it than in the comfort of your own home.


You just had a baby. You're exhausted and all you want to do is rest and snuggle your baby. Cleaning can be overwhelming, and maybe the last thing you have energy to do. You definitely do not have to clean your entire house to prepare for an in home photo session. I ask clients to have 2-3 rooms photo ready, usually including the nursery and the master bedroom.

That does not mean they have to be spotless! Photo ready mostly means void of clutter. Tuck away the clothes, water bottles, bags, and distracting extras in another room. Arrange things how you would like to remember them, but don't stress too much about the dust.


Many of us would be waiting a long time if we waited until our house was Pinterest perfect before we took pictures of it. The truth is, most of us have ordinary homes that look lived in. My house included. But with a little paradigm shift and a skilled photographer, you can love your house in pictures. It's the place where your life happens. Where you're surrounded by your favorite people and things. Where the kids imagine and play and grow and learn. When kids grow up, the home (or homes) of their childhood will be loved regardless of what it looked like.

And, oddly enough, one of the great things of photography is that it can limit what the eye sees. Using tools and techniques like light, angles, positioning, and cropping, no one will even have to know about the wood paneling and popcorn ceilings from 1970.

you may not feel beautiful after giving birth, but you are

I know. It's so hard. There's so much adjusting going on in life after having a baby. Feeding, burping, not sleeping, diaper changing, feeding, not sleeping, and did I mention feeding? That's how I felt when I had my twins. I was barely staying above the surface!

And if all of that is not enough, your body doesn't feel like your own, and you're dealing with pain and recovery. Hello pajamas, no makeup, and messy buns. Who wants to get pictures taken when life looks like this?!

But the truth is, mothers are amazing and beautiful, and when you focus on the sweet love and joy that's in your heart and your home because of your new baby instead of your body, it will show through in the images. This is a unique and special time in life, lean into those feelings and embrace it!

in home newborn sessions are the best!

In home newborn sessions are one of my favorites, probably because I get to play with sweet little babies! I always find that families are most relaxed in their homes, and it shows in the photos.

The few weeks following a birth are very special. It's not something that happens often in life, and it's worth capturing and remembering. And if your house isn't in perfect shape, that's okay, get the pictures anyway and you'll be so glad that you did.