Green Canyon Family Pictures | Yap Family | Logan Utah

Maybe you've heard me say it before... but sunrise family photo sessions are totally underrated. Getting up early to catch the sunrise for professional photos is so worth it. And check out this cute family. They drove across Cache Valley for family pictures at Green Canyon by 7:00am with these two little boys. And they made it on time and the kids were happy!

Sunrise Family Photo Shoot at Green Canyon

I specifically suggested doing a morning session at Green Canyon because of how the lighting works with the mountains in this location. The sun rises up from the east directly above the mountains and filters through the trees creating beautiful backlighting. The sun highlights the soft grasses, and I love the green tones of the Juniper trees.

Green Canyon is beautiful in the evening for family pictures as well, especially in the fall! It's full of color. You can see some Green Canyon Fall Sessions here. It's a great spot, and I had a fabulous time with this cute little family!